20 years of wisdom in 20 minutes of peaceful time

Every person, every event, every experience is an opportunity to learn, theoretically yes. But it takes the peace of a hospital bed to manifest these learnings into an excellent little book.

If you have 20 minutes of peaceful time, pick this book and you are assured of 20 years of wisdom.

Amit Trivediji knows exactly how to sweetly give you a rap on your knuckles.

In 14 very short and crisp chapters are hidden hard hitting lessons. Such as… “No, you don’t learn from your mistakes”, “Don’t dig that damn well after the house has caught fire”, “Do it Yourself actually is only Do the Damage Yourself”.

The title is misleading. This is not just a personal finance book – its a life lessons book along with the likes of “The Alchemist” & “A Brief History of Time”.

Easy, Hard hitting, Solid and Satisfying. Pick this up. You’ll love this one.

From Bhuvanaa Shreeram’s post on Facebook