Hi Amit,

Hearty congratulations! Am thoroughly enjoying reading both your new books.¬†Amazing concept and for a person like me it gets into my CPU very easily. Thank you for making the subject “Vani-friendly”.




Enjoying reading both your books – a message from a friend, Vani

Neeraj Sundarani says:

Super Connect!

Amit and his grip on the topic! Always engaging and super insightful! Apparently boring topics are connected with bollywood makes it Treat to read. Thanks



Neeraj Sundarani – Sabse Bada Rupaiya

Raj Talati says:

Must read for every Investor

Finance is really a very boring subject, that might be the reason the people make grievous mistakes in investment.

Another Classic by Amit Trivedi makes financial lessons in the language we Indians understand best i.e. Bollywood or Cricket. Very simple and to the point explanation. He is best in mixing humour to spice it up.





Raj Talati: Sabse Bada Rupaiya – Must read for every Investor