Sabse Bada Rupaiya

The whole thing is that ki bhaiya Sabse Bada Rupaiya
Who doesn’t love to watch a good movie? Well, the answer is obvious going by the popularity of the Hindi cinema. How would you like if someone connects a complex and apparently boring subject of personal finance to Bollywood? Here is a book from Amit Trivedi, which does exactly that.
The book contains fifty different stories that connects a movie, a scene, a dialogue or a song with concepts of personal finance and delivers the lessons in very simple and lucid language. While everyone is interested in learning about personal finances and money, many find the subject dull and boring. With a vast experience in spreading financial literacy and mastery in storytelling, Amit has done a superb job of teaching important money concepts in an entertaining way.
The book contains great education, but along with that it is very entertaining. Pick it up for a great “fun-and-learn” experience.